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 Some behaviors and “issues” can be addresses by the own family members if they are taught to give direction. This program is “hands-on” training sessions for the owners as to how to address the dog’s behavior in your home and the own dog’s environment. The objective is to observe the family dynamic, make the family […]

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Dogs behave in many different ways. Environment plays a huge role in it and the relationship we have with them. Our program evaluates the dog along with her environment and her pack (family members). In order to obtain more information from the dog and her behavior, there is an initial assessment before she is introduced […]

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Not all dogs do well in large facilities where there is too much going on: loud noises, excessive barking, too much excitement… Our boarding service provides a quiet, controlled and peaceful home environment with a small group of dogs, along with play times and structured activities. Knowing dog behavior allows us to recognize dogs needs […]

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Classes have the purpose of creating a real case scenario for dogs and owners to practice walks, behavior and socialization. NEXT GROUP CLASS:  Join us on a 3 day class where you will be given the tools and principles of how to properly walk your dog. Learn strategies to help manage your dog reactivity, over […]

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Socialization is a very important part of the healthy development of our dogs, physically and mentally. It is crucial that we provide them with positive experiences when socializing so they thrive as they grow up. Different from large scale daycare facilities, our Daycare provides dogs the opportunity to socialize and play but observing rules of […]

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Puppies are just like a white canvas. We want to help you draw the best picture of the puppy’s life. This program enriches the puppies experiences with socialization, exposure, exercise and structure. Unlike humans, puppies are ready to face the world at a very early age. As soon as they are able to walk, they […]

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On our virtual consultation, we will discuss your dogs’ situation and recommend tools and strategies that will help you address it. Although is not the same as a session in person, we can still get ahead on starting a strategy to help you and your dog move forward.   Sessions are conducted through skype video […]

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